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The performance introduction of the sulfide machine

1、PLC、HMI control,Can achieve manual and automatic control。Automatic control can implement a combination、exhaust、Temperature control、sulfide timing、Alarm、Open mold unloading and other functions; the temperature of the heating area of ​​the hot plate in real -time display of the touch screen。

2、The hydraulic cylinder uses ZG270-500 material,The plunger adopts the densely textured cold and hard alloy cast iron,After the casting is made of fine grind; the sealing form of the hydraulic cylinder is YX -type sealing ring。

3、Use hydraulic automatic top iron by the hot plate pot,The pads on both sides of the hot plate on both sides of the hot plate are advanced and retreat at the action of the four oil cylinders; there is a anti -pad device on both ends of the hot board。

4、Each heating area of ​​the hot board has a set of valve sets that adjust the temperature,Under the control of PLC,Ensure that the temperature of the heating areas of the hot plate is uniformly consistent。

5、Hydraulic System: Use the hydraulic station of well -known brands at home and abroad,Under the control of PLC,Able to achieve automatic: synthetic、exhaust、Open mold unloading lotus。

6、Mechanical Synchronous Balancing Organization: There is a synchronous axis of the crew under the platform,There are gear shots at both ends of the axis,Guaranteed platform levels to rise and fall。

7、Modeling -oriented device: Set up a model -oriented device on both sides of the lower pad platform,Frame board and platform installation guide seat,Guide seat processing slope,You can adjust the slope distance through the top wire。

8、 Opening mold help agency: Four oil cylinders at the platform when opening the mold,Forcibly pull down the platform,Prevent the sticky phenomenon from opening the pan。

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