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Euro 2024 Power Rankings Established in 2003,Located at No. 9 Xibao Road, Xitou Industrial District, Houjie Town, Dongguan,Occuping an area of ​​20,000 square meters,It is a professional manufacturer of non -metal experimental machinery and equipment,High-tech enterprises integrating product research and development-design-production-sales-after-sales service。Since its establishment,Euro 2024 Power Rankings in silicon rubber、Plastic、Machinery and equipment has an excellent research and development of the industry,Design,Manufacturing,Marketing,Service team and rich actual combat experience,Get praise from the industry。
Euro 2024 Power Rankings products pass CE certification,Meet EU standards。Winning a number of patents,The experimental equipment produced in the production has the superiority of German advanced technology and all imported accessories,It is well received by new and old customers。The company has a marketing department、Customer Service Department、Production Department、Product Security Department、R & D department、Engineering Department、Electric Control Department、Management Department、Processing Department。
Main Products: Direction Machine,Tablet vulcanizer,vacuum oil pressure molding machine,Flowing machine、Three layers of co -squeezing streaming machine、Film blower、Double screw extruder、Secret Refining Machine、Rally、Old chemical box, etc.,can be customized according to customer requirements,Focusing on different production needs。Product sales network: EURO 2024 Power Rankings products are not only best -selling nationwide,And the sales network covers Southeast Asia,Middle East,Europe and the United States and other areas,As Thailand,Malaysia,Philippines,Bangladesh,Korea,India,Saudi Arabia,Türkiye,Italy,United States, etc.。The company has 24 -hour full -year technology consultation and 24 -hour after -sales service hotline,Equipped with professional on-site installation-debug-training-machine maintenance and warranty,Really rubber、Silicone、Plastic、Color Mother、The best choice of manufacturers such as the Institute。As an integrity company,Euro 2024 Power Rankings is convinced,With the correct business management concept and good brand consciousness,Euro 2024 Power Rankings will join hands with you in the future of science and technology.,Create glory,Gongchuang Technology Shengshi。
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