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2L3L small experiment secret refining machine

2L3L small experiment secret refining machine

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xh-420-2 Secret Refining Machine (2L

Main parameters

  1、Outlet: 500g ~ 1kg (depends on the process of the material)

  2. The dense refinement volume: 2L

  3, rotor speed: 0 ~ 37 R/min (adjustable) (Taiwan brand: Yangming)

  4, front and rear rotor speed ratio: 1: 1.33

  5. Use compressed air pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.8 mpa

  6、Pressure with cooling water: 0.2 ~ 0.4 mpa

  8. Heating electricity heating: 8KW

  9. Flip angle of the secret refining room: 110 °

  10. Power part

     10.1 Main motor (Taiwan brand: Dongyuan) 

     power: 5.5 kw

      voltage : 380 V

 10.2 Flip motor (Taiwan brand: Shengbang)

          Power: 0.75 kw

          Voltage: 380 V

 11、Dimensions: (Long x wide x height) 1150 × 800 × 2000mm

 12, total weight: about 1T 

 13, power supply: 3∮   AC380V   50Hz

14. Cooling method: Cooling of mezzanine water

15、Control System: Electrical component is (Shilin/Tian De/Yangming) Taiwan brand and Japanese European mother dragon,,The machine has a security mutual lock function

16. Add pressure Qi cylinder: ¢ 80

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