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Small experimental flow bleaching film co -squeezers

Small experimental flow bleaching film co -squeezers

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ZS-432-430-25 Small experimental flow delay film blower

Flowing machineUses:
The running unit is a new type of equipment developed by the company,It is mainly composed of a small streaming machine。The runner is a mechanical equipment for molding for the formation of rubber -plastic materials for the formation of thin film products,It is mainly used for the formation of thin film products、Development of the formula of flowing molding materials、Research on the performance of the material performance of flowing formed,If the material is transported to the delay mechanism to extract the flow delay film product, etc.。The biggest advantage is light and practical。During the use process,The speed of the flow roller and the traction roller can be controlled by the frequency conversion motor,Make the transportation speed of the material can be adjusted,to make various sheet products that meet the requirements of the user。

This machine is mainly by the main drive motor、Transmission device、Squeezing device、Food Fighting、Electric Control System、Disted Mo Mo、Two rollers and extensions. The working principle is: Logistics plasticized and extruded from the squeezing device from the squeezing device,Then come out of the model from the host,Press extension through the two roller presster。

Principles of Micromage Machine:

Squeezing out the film refers to at a certain temperature,Under the action of a certain shear force, the plastic melt is continuously squeezed out through the mouth mold,Blowing from compressed air,The process process of the double -fold plastic film obtained by the cooling ring cooling and frequency traction。This machine is mainly used to detect the feasibility of the polymer material and the glue condition in the material,and colored scattered、Control mixture、Differentiality of the extruded object。

Applicable materials for machines:hdp 、 ldpe 、 LLDPE film blowing film level PP +color mother、Fill the mother particles、 Plastic additives, functional mothers

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