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PE small experimental film blower

PE small experimental film blower

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zs-430blowing filmExperimentMachine(Flashing key control

Squeezing out the film refers to at a certain temperature,Under the action of a certain shear force, the plastic melt is continuously squeezed out through the mouth mold,Blowing from compressed air,The process process of the double -fold plastic film obtained by the cooling ring cooling and frequency traction。This machine is mainly used to detect the feasibility of the polymer material and the gum status in the material,and colored scattered、Control mixture、Differentiality of the extruded object。

Applicable materials for machines:hdp 、 ldpe 、 LLDPE film -blowing film PP +color mother、Fill the mother particles、 Plastic auxiliary, functional mothers


Instrument Features:

1、The extruder uses an international brand inverter motor to drive,Plasticized stability、Consistency is good;

2、Squeezing device: The tube and screw are the key parts of the machine,The plasticization and extrusion of the material are performed here。The barrels and screws are made of high -quality nitrogen nitride 38CRMOALA,The surface passes through a week of gas nitride treatment,High hardness、Good mechanical performance such as wear resistance and corrosion resistance,Great extended its service life。

3. The heating of this machine uses cast aluminumheater,Stainless steel wind cover,Beautiful energy saving,Good thermal resistance,Long service life,Uniform heat transfer,Easy to replace; the fan cools through the set channel(Automatically turned on the ventilator at the time of ultra -temperature), the cooling effect is good.

4、Transmission device: Drive motor and reducer direct connection,A reducer output shaft and screw connection,Drive screw rotation。This transmission device structure is compact,Stable work,Strong carrying pressure。

5、Emergency shutdown device and various safety protection,Guarantee operator safety;

6. High intelligence and convenient operation.

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