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EVA membrane flowing machine

EVA membrane flowing machine

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ingredients and screw

ø A.ingredients and screw materials are both38CRMOALAHigh -quality nitrogen nitride

ø B.Depth of Nitrogen Metaid: 0.4~0.7mm,Nitrogen moisturizing hardness:Screw850HV,930HV

ø C.screw diameter: 25mm

ø D.Long diameter ratio: L/D = 331

ø E.Screw speed: 0 ~ 95rpm

ø F.Screw Step (Rough surface roughness: 0.4um

ø G.Rough surface roughness in the tube: 0.4um

ø h. Screw compression ratio: 2.5

ø I.Thread depth: Appointment5mm


Heating System

ø A. Using three sets of aluminum heater,Heating power: about 2KW

ø B.Heating in the first area of ​​the mold, heating power: about3KW

ø C.Single screw and modulus connectors heated,Heating power: Small800W

ø D.Total power of the whole machine: Appointment7kw


cooling device

ø A.Use2Cooling of group fans

ø B.Cooling fan power50W

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