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406A-30-300 manual tablet vulcanizer

406A-30-300 manual tablet vulcanizer

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zs-406B-30-300Electric Sulfur Adding Machine (Pressor)

The raw materials are placed in the casting mold,Disposal between the hot tablet,pressure and temperature,Formed raw materials,For testing。

Application range:

Applicable rubber and plastic raw materials、Plastic,pp,PA,PE,abs,PS,TPU,PC, etc.,pigment、Oil Mo、Chemical raw materials, etc.。Putting each raw material in the mold,Disposal between the hot tablet,Appropriate pressure and temperature,Formed raw materials,Test experiments。

Technical parameters:

ø vacuum system: vacuum pump pumping vacuum

Type: Four -column type

ø Capacity: 30 tons

ø Modeling method: fully automatic rise and fall

ø Heating method: electric heating

ø Cooling method: Cooling back in tap water  

ø Temperature: normal temperature ~ 300 ° C

ø Temperature signal solid -state module device: Taiwan brand solid -state relay Solid State Relay, referred to as SSR

ø Temperature controller: LED display button settings (numerical display,The temperature is more accurate,High security)

ø Temperature control method: P.I.D self -set mode with high -precision sensor,With temperature automatic compensation function,Make sure the temperature balance

ø Pressure oil cylinder: Taiwan Qunli motor、Japanese Shimadzu oil pump、Taiwan Weisheng solenoid valve、Taiwan Weisheng overlap valve

ø Heater: Taiwan Taiwan Show Heater

ø timer: LED 0 ~ 99 min ~ 9.9hr (time timing in micro -word seconds)

ø Electric heating board material: imported digital model KDB high -carbon steel solid material (high temperature resistance,Corrosion,Hot reaction agile, etc.)

ø Number of working layers: Heating one layer, one layer of cooling

ø Electric heating plate area: 300 × 300mm

ø Electric heating board: 2 layers of thermal pressure plate for a total of 2 layers,1 layer 6 heating pipe × 2 layers,A total of 12 heat pipes,400W per power,Total power of heating pipe: 4.8kW

ø Itinerary: 0 ~ 70mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

ø Volume: About 1000 × 560 × 1500mm

ø Foot wheels: Bring a brake foot wheel,Able position and fixation,The bearing gravity is more than 500kg

ø Weight: 710kg

ø Power: 3∮, AC380V, 50Hz

ø Machine color: gray -white or yellow and white (you can specify the color according to customer requirements)


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