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25T small experimental tablet vulcanizer

25T small experimental tablet vulcanizer

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zs-406B-30-300Electric sulfur with sulfur molding machine (chip machine)

The raw materials are placed in the cast mold,Disposal between the hot tablet of this machine,pressure and temperature,Make raw materials formed,For testing。

Application range:

Applicable rubber and plastic raw materials、Plastic,pp,PA,PE,abs,PS,TPU,PC, etc.,pigment、Oil Mo、Chemical raw materials, etc.。Putting each raw material in the mold,Disposal between the hot tablet of this machine,Add appropriate pressure and temperature,Make raw materials formed,Test experiments。

Technical parameters:

ø vacuum system: vacuum pump pumping vacuum

Type: Four -column type

ø Capacity: 30 tons

ø Modeling method: fully automatic rise and fall

ø Heating method: electric heating

ø Cooling method: Cooling from tap water back  

ø Temperature: normal temperature ~ 300 ° C

ø Temperature signal solid state module: Taiwan brand solid relay Solid State Relay, referred to as SSR

ø Temperature controller: LED display button settings input (numerical display,The temperature is more accurate,High security)

ø Temperature control method: P.I.D self -set mode with high -precision sensor,With temperature automatic compensation function,Make sure the temperature balance

ø Pressure oil cylinder: Taiwan Qunli motor、Japanese Shimadzu oil pump、Taiwan Weisheng solenoid valve、Taiwan Weisheng overlapping valve

ø Heater: Taiwan Taiwan Exhibition Heater

ø timer: LED 0 ~ 99 min ~ 9.9hr (time timing in micro -word seconds)

ø Electric heating board material: imported digital model KDB high -carbon steel solid material (high temperature resistance,Corrosion,Armal reaction agile, etc.)

ø Number of working layers: Heating one layer, one layer of cooling

ø ​​Electric heating board area: 300 × 300mm

ø Electric heating board: 2 layers of thermal pressure plate,1 layer of 6 heating pipe × 2 layers,A total of 12 heat pipes,400W per power,Total power of heating pipe: 4.8kW

ø Itinerary: 0 ~ 70mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

ø Volume: About 1000 × 560 × 1500mm

ø Foot Wheel: Bring a brake foot wheel,Able position and fixation,The bearing gravity is more than 500kg

ø Weight: 710kg

ø Power: 3∮, AC380V, 50Hz

ø Machine color: gray -white or yellow and white (you can specify the color according to customer requirements)


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