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Putting machine (dual -frequency frequency)

Putting machine (dual -frequency frequency)

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ZS-401CE-120 dual roller mixer (dual frequency conversion)

Specification parameters:

ø Rolling capacity: about 500g ~ 1kg (depending on customer materials)

ø Roller Size: ф120mm × L350mm

ø Rolling spacing: 0.1-5mm adjustable   

ø Roller speed ratio: 1: 1 ~ 1: 1.5

ø Rolling speed: 0-30r/min dual-frequency adjustment               

ø Rolling material: KDB high -carbon steel+chrome -plated material+mirror polishing

ø Roller surface hardness: HRC55 ~ 60

ø Temperature controller: Japan RKC (imported from Japan)

ø Heating method: oil heating (mold with temperature machine)

ø Temperature: normal temperature ~ 300 ° C

ø Blockbuster: Polyte Fluoride (Iron Floson)

ø Electric: Taiwan Shengbang deceleration motor 1HP ×2Taiwan (Taiwan Shengbang Electric)

ø Speed ​​regulator: Taida VFD-M inverter 1HP × 2 units (Taiwan Dada inverter)

ø Safety device: reverse door (knee touch -type reversal emergency stop,Guarantee operator safety)

ø Safety Device: Four emergency buttons are installed around the drum

ø Volume is about (W × D × H): 1150 × 600 × & lt; 1200mm & gt;

ø Power: 3∮, AC380V, 50Hz

ø Total power: 10hp

ø Weight: about 450㎏


1, seasoning disk: 1     2. Bamboo scraping knife: 2     3, cleaning wax: 2 pieces    4. Maintenance tools: 1 set

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