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zs-433-25 Double screw extruder

This machine is suitable for engineering plastic、Modified plastic、Waste Plastic、Mixed processing experiments of female grains。Have a homogeneous、Plasticized color、Filling and modified functions。


25 Double screw extruded host 1set

1, feeder    1 set

ø a. Double screw quantitative feeding with stirring function

ø b. Himeli: 1HP Taiwan City State Decade Machine with variable frequency regulation


2. Horse: 5HPTaiwan City State ElectricSpeed ​​with a variable frequency


3, screw:

ø a.Diameter:ф21.75mm useBuilding block design, thread component and stamen axis gradual opening flower key,Disassembling groupConvenient.

ø b. Thread component Material: Imported alloy steel W6M05CR4V2,The overall hardness of vacuum heat treatment、HRC58-62 degrees

ø c. Long diameter ratio: 40: 1

ø d.Our output per hour:5 ~ 10kg(You can customize the screw according to customer production capacity)

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