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The difference between a closed mixing and open mix

Hybrid (closed) introduction

Antidized mixing is divided into three stages,Wet、Diversion and Nirvana、The mixed stone of the secret refining machine is performed at high temperature pressure。The operation method is generally divided into a mixed method and two sections of the mixed method。

A hybrid method refers to the completion of the mixing machine once through the mixed machine,Then the method of pressing the film to mix glue。He is suitable for all natural rubber or glue with no more than 50%of synthetic rubber,In a mixed operation,Frequently adopted in batches and gradual feeding method,To make the rubber not rising violently,Generally use a slow dense refining machine,You can also use a dual -speed secret refining machine,The temperature when adding sulfur must be less than 100 ° C。The order of the feeding sequence is raw glue -small material -reinforcement -filling agent -oil softener — cooling -cooler。

Two sections of mixing method refers to the method of making mixed glue by two times through the mixed refinery tablets。This method is suitable for the synthetic rubber content exceeding 50%Gelite,It can avoid long mixed time in a mixed method、Disadvantages of High Gel temperature。The first phase of the mixing method is the same as a mixed method,Just a promoter that does not add vulnerability and active activity,Cooling after a period of mixing,Parking a certain time,Then perform the second section of mixing。Uniform mixing after the sulfur is added to the crusher,After renewal。Segmentation Hybrid Method is shorter for each glue.,Low mixed temperature,Sample dispersion of the cooperative agent is more uniform,High quality of the rubber。

Hybrid machine (open) introduction

The hybrid process of an open hybrid machine is divided into three stages,That is the roller (the softening phase of the raw glue)、Eat powder (the mixed phase of the powder) and refining (the stages of the raw glue and the cooperative agent reached evenly after eating powder)。

The difference between a closed mixing and open mix

Open plastic refining temperature is generally below 80 ° C,It is a low -temperature mechanical mixed method。The temperature of the closed -type mixed glue is above 120 ° C,or even as high as 160-180 ℃,It is a high -temperature mechanical mixed。

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