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Small flat tablet vulcanizer main component structure

Tablet vulcanizerMain component structure
To controlTablet vulcanizerwork,Must use several allocation devices。When the tablet vulcanizer is in the work itinerary and vulcanization,The distribution device connects the hydraulic cylinder and high -pressure oil pipe,When you want to open the sulfide machine,The allocation device connects the hydraulic cylinder and the oil exhaust pipeline。The distribution device of this type of flat plate sulfur is called a distributioner。The assignor has a slide valve type、Several types of rotation and valves。
The simplest slide valve distributor。There is a cylindrical hole on the valve body。Two skate valves 3 with two causes ring 4 are installed in the hole,The two rings are coordinated with the inner cavity of the valve body。Slide valves can move left to the left,Move to the right under the action of the force generated by the coil 1。There are channels (drilling) on ​​the valve body (drilling),Channel 5 Peace plate vulcanized hunger hydraulic cylinder working cavity connected。Enter high -pressure liquid from Channel 7,Channel 8 and the pipeline of the fuel tank is connected。From this we can see,The ring of the slide valve cuts off the liquid circuit。High -pressure liquid pipe pipeline is connected to the pipeline of the work cylinder。Tablet vulcanizer is in a state of pressure。
When the electromagnetic coil is broken,Spring push to the valve stem and move to the left。After the first ring moves,Open the hole that connects the pipeline with the liquid。At this time, the second ring seals the high -pressure liquid input pipe。As a result, liquid flowing out of the hydraulic cylinder,Tablet vulcanizer opens。
Among the flat sulfide machine used in the industry,Usually more complicated、More complete slide valve distributor。But there are some serious disadvantages of this assignor,As a result, it limits its application。The slide valve in this assignment ship should be very precisely coordinated with the surface of the valve body。A little defect or wear in the inside of the slide valve may lose sealing,So that the distributor fails。Slide valve distribution path can only be used on a plate sulfide with oil as a working liquid。
The disadvantage of a rotor distributor is that it is difficult to achieve mechanized operation,Slow conversion process。Cycpering distributor is usually installed on a small or manual device。
The most widely used product in the sulfur control system is the valve type allocation,This distribution can be used by manual switch,can also be controlled by cylinder and electromagnetic coils。
On the sulfide machine with a lot of hydraulic parts and the complex monthly structure,Each liquid input and discharge pipelines are equipped with an electromagnetic control valve or pneumatic control valve,Uniformly controlled by the control instrument,It can guarantee that each valve can be activated in the order required。
To prevent the impact when the valve core is closed,Usually use a cone -shaped tube in the lower part of the valve core,As the valve core is close to the base,cone -shaped tube gradually decreases the circulation section of the base,The liquid flow is stable and slowly cut off。The solenoid valve is manufactured with high -quality corrosive steel。
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