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Maintenance and replacement of dual screw extruder mode

Gravolers are valuable on the granular production line、High -precision parts,In addition to careful operation,It also needs a lot of maintenance。In order to prevent the model from failing to cause a stop,It must be operated correctly,and take protective measures to ensure that the model is available at any time。Maintenance、Careful or misunderstanding in the process of cleaning or adjustment,The main cause of damage to the head,Therefore, we must conduct strict training of all personnel who are in contact with the mold。The operator must completely understand the function of the mold,Know the temperature change,Model holes or adjustment sticks to the impact of product quality,Also pay attention to the source of the fault。The operator must also know how to maintain good contact between the heater and the mold,Can determine whether there are faults on the production line,Where is the failure? When the granulator is squeezed out, there is pulse,Can't constantly adjust the flow block of the gap mold head (generally the device is not designed for this purpose)。He must also be able to determine whether it exceeds the limit based on the measurement results of the entrance pressure。In addition, pay attention to the mouth mold or flow block cannot be quickly adjusted,should change moderately in the adjacent area,Otherwise, it may damage the bolt and block。(Note: Only soft materials (copper、BOC、Soft Aluminum) Molying the melt in the scraper,To avoid scraping the scrape,The width of the gap width of the mold head port is also used to measure soft materials such as brass quantity regulations。Even the smallest scratches will cause stripes on the crowding object,Reduce product quality)

When you need to change the mold frequently,Especially in the film and squeezed out of the film,Must be allowed to operate,It is best to disassemble before use、Check、Experience of installing the new mold。Disassembly of the mold、Cleaning、Maintenance and maintenance should be performed at the specified place,The location should stay away from the production site,Pay attention to cleaning and pad it with ripples,Small cranes with timeups,During hand -lifting,The iron chain in the pulley group often damages the model。To avoid this danger,You can consider using hemp rope,This can greatly shorten the time to replace the model。

The heater check is also necessary,The pre -heating device should be equipped with a certain amount of heating wires and control systems。At this time, it may not be necessary to control each mold heater,But this depends on the size of the mold。If the model needs to be completely cleaned,The main bolt of the model must be released,But no need to remove,Model is still connected with the granulator,Just loosen the flowway -related one。

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