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Advantages and characteristics of experimental tablet vulcanization machine

 Laboratory flat sulfurAdvantages and its characteristics:  
    1. Laboratory tablet sulfide is new,Enter the computer to control the new era。  
    2.Laboratory flat sulfur7254_7259、Metal machinery components and materials,All manufacturers regardless of production scale,Brand or not,Basically, the same is similar。But the key technical core competition part of ZUI is in the electronic control system (the electronic control system is equivalent to the EURO 2024 Power Rankings human heart)。A "advanced technology、temperature control、Uniform heating "Laboratory flat sulfurAlthough it is more expensive than the price of ordinary sulfur,But in the actual vulcanization process,Not only is the operation simple,Can melt the rubber belt evenly。No "unfamiliar、Sulfur、Spring shape、sponge -like。。。"" "" "",Not burn burn、Curring belt。The intensity of the belt connector heated by electricity is very high,The surface is smooth and flat,is basically the same as the original belt! Not only greatly improves the quality of vulcanization,Short the working time of workers,Reduce workers' labor intensity,It also instantly improved work efficiency。Quick maintenance of the unit of use、Maintenance and save money directly! Intersection  
    3.Laboratory flat sulfur,Use human -machine interface,vulcanized state two -dimensional animation demonstration,Easy finger,High accuracy electric heating temperature,There is only a temperature difference of 0 degrees to 1 degree! Thoroughly defeat the traditional vulcanizer "pointer instrument temperature control" and "digital instrument temperature control" often common in twenty、More than thirty degrees of temperature difference shortcomings,Prevent high temperature differences from burning out the rubber belt。CPU computer automatic control、Automatic protection、Automatic monitoring,Accurately complete the entire belt sulfur joint and repair!  
    4.Laboratory flat sulfurUsing high -tech temperature control technology,Integrated computer touch screen "CPU、PLC、Module "and other controls。Inner wireless bidirectional transmission receiving function、GPS positioning and other functions (customer purchase of "export -type electric box" can only have this function)。No leaving home,Instantly complete the system software upgrade that meets customers、Maintenance、Test requirements!  
    5. Multi -language automatic translation,self -Chinese description,National Flag icon Touch Enter。vulcanized state two -dimensional animation demonstration,Surveillance of the vulcanization process of belt,Celeze at a glance。  
    6. With automatic detection、emergency stop function。Raising、Insulation (vulcanization)、Cooling、Fail self -examination display。  
    7. The computer box does not need to be repaired,Do not worry about the troubles of replacement and repair after damage to the instrument and other parts。  
    8. Buyer can enjoy unlimited software system for free upgrade and maintenance for many years。  
    9. During the warranty period, if the defect of our company's product manufacturing, the buyer cannot use it normally,Our company promises that computer boxes are unconditional free of charge with old replacement (directly replace without repair)。  
    10. Computer CPU control circuit uses "24V" low -voltage circuit,Protecting workers' personal safety,Frequent operations, do not worry about having a high voltage leakage risk。Safety、Save food、Save effort、Save time!  

    11.Laboratory flat sulfurBeautiful and generous, lightweight, simple operation!

       Dongguan EURO 2024 Power Rankings Machinery and Equipment as a integrity company,Euro 2024 Power Rankings is convinced,With the correct business management concept and good brand consciousness,Euro 2024 Power Rankings will join hands with your future technology wave of the CCP,Create glory together,Gongchuang Technology Shengshi。

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