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Several kinds of fault solutions commonly failed to sulfide

Axis head wear

Because the vulcanizer is made of metal,High hardness,During the production operation process, it is impacted and other composite force during the production operation,Lead the part of the part of the component,Cause wear。Traditional repair methods have pile welding、Hot spray、Brush ferry, etc.,But there are certain disadvantages of several methods: pile welding will make the surface of the part reach a very high temperature,Causes parts to deform or produce cracks,Affects size accuracy and normal use,In severe cases, it will cause breaks; although the brush has no heat effect,Dan's thickness cannot be too thick,serious pollution,Application has also been greatly limited。Western countries apply polymer composite materials to the above problems。It has the comprehensive performance and the features that can be mechanically processed at any time,Can meet the requirements and accuracy after the repair,It can also reduce the impact vibration of the equipment in operation,Extend the service life。Because the material is the "variable" relationship,When the external force impact material,Materials will deform and absorb external forces,and with the shrinkage of the bearings or other components,Always keep tightening with the parts,The chance of reducing wear。wear for large sulfide machines,You can also use "mold" or "cooperative components" to repair the damaged equipment,Avoid the overall disassembly of the equipment,Maximum guaranteed components with size,Meeting the production and operation requirements of the equipment。

Welding seam leak

During the long -term operation of the sulfur,Due to vibration、wear、Stress、Temperature and repeated disassembly,The phenomenon of oil leakage in the quiet sealing part of each side is very common,Common are sulfide hot plate welding seam leakage, etc.。Both cause a lot of waste of oil,It also affects the on -site management of the enterprise。Traditional governance methods need to be disassembled and open after opening the sulfide,Replace the sealing pad or apply a seal,Not only time -consuming and laborious,and it is difficult to ensure the sealing effect,Leakage will appear again during operation。

Corrosion of the bottom plate

Most of the bottom plates of vulcanizer are ordinary carbon steel,Tires are vulcanized by high temperature steam,Part of the condensed part of the water penetration of the bottom plate surface in this process,Caused the surface of the bottom plate to local corrosion and unevenness。Due to the severe corrosion of the bottom plate,The surface of the insulation board cannot guarantee strict cooperation,It is easy to cause damage to the insulation plate under large pressure。Traditional methods Multi -pile of welding and re -machine processing or replacement of new equipment,At present, you can use polymer composite materials for on -site repair。Because the material has excellent adhesion、Good anti -corrosion resistance,Good pressure resistance,It can effectively solve the condensation of sulfur bottom plates during operation to cause unevenness to the bottom plate corrosion,To avoid damage to the insulation board,Normal operation for user devices、Safety production provides a good guarantee。

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