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Take you to know the operation process of the sulfide machine

1、Before experiment,Check whether the required scale in the fuel tank,Then start checking whether each component is working normally,Whether the column (frame board) is lubricated。

2、Pay attention to the temperature of the hot plate during preheating,If you do not get requirements,Make adjustment under the guidance of the instructor,It is strictly forbidden to move privately。

3、When placing the mold room, it should be prevented from scalding or compressing accidents,Do not put the mold when the hot board rises。

4、Should be placed in the middle of the tablet after the mold is installed,People have to stand in the center of the operation platform。When the required pressure is reached after the mold is metal,Turn off the motor,If you fail to meet your requirements, please adjust the teacher for,Do not move privately。

5、Use an iron hook,Prevent pressure injury。Opening the mold encounter product sticky mold,Knock -opening tool Beware of knock,Prevent molds from landing or hurt your feet。

6、Failure in the machine,Must cut off the power immediately,Report to the teacher,It is strictly forbidden to dismantle privately。Broken mold,It is strictly forbidden to deal with it without permission。

7、Cut off the power after the experiment,Cleaning hygiene,Fill in the record after inspection by the instructor。

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