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6 points to pay attention to the maintenance of sulfide

Maintenance of sulfurizer should pay attention to the following questions:

1、The environment of the sulfurizer should keep dry、Good ventilation,Avoid moist electrical lines due to humidity;

2、Don't use a sulfide machine outside rainy days,Prevent electrical control boxes and heating boards enter water;

3、If the working environment is wet、Multi -water,When disassembling and handling sulfurizer,It should be raised on the ground,Don't let the sulfurizer contact directly with the water;

4、If during use,Due to improper operation, the heating board is in water,You should first contact the manufacturer for repair。If you need to perform emergency repair,Open the heating plate on the cover board,Pour out the water first,Then set the electric control box to manual operation,Heating to 100 ℃,Keep the constant temperature for half an hour,Dry the line,Belt glue in manual state。At the same time, contact the manufacturer in time,Overall replacement of the line;

5、The sulfide machine does not need to be used for a long time,Heat the heating board should be heated every half a month (the temperature is set at 100 ° C),Keep the temperature for about half an hour;

6、After the end of each use,Put the water in the water pressure plate clean,Especially winter,If water cannot be cleaned,often causes hydrone pressure plate rubber premature aging,The service life of the water pressure board is reduced;

The correct way to place water is,After the eulfide thermal insulation is over,Switting machines before disassembling。If the machine is put on water after the machine is disassembled,It is possible that the water in the hydrone pressure board cannot be completely discharged。

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