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Precautions for using a film blower

⒈ When operating the machine, the operator cannot stand in front of it,to avoid accidental injuries and operators。Strictly prevent the hard objects of damaged machines such as metal impurities and operating small tools such as metal impurities and small tools in the feed.。It is forbidden to bring gloves when operating rotating machines,To prevent injuries from being involved。

⒉ Check and add the reducer、Lubricant in the air pressure machine,Check the lubrication of each mechanical transmission component。Avoid dried operation damage machines and emit noise。

⒊ When booting operation, check whether the power wiring of each road is disconnected、Leakage; Check whether the instrument is abnormal。Make sure that each component is safe and normal,so as not to affect production and cause accidents。

Inside the condition of the film formation,Improve the molding temperature,cooling wind temperature and bloating ratio; then the turbidity of the film increases,Luminous decrease; otherwise increase。

⒌ Mo Mo is uniformly consistent,Just wear the gloves to slowly lift the tube,Close the end of the tube at the same time,Micro -open intake junction valve,Put it in a small amount of compressed air from the center of the core rod,Then carefully quote the foaming rack、Human Board,Putting into the traction roller、Guide rollers until they are rolled (if the flowers need to pass through the flower roller)

⒍ The compressed air pressure of bleaching tube billet should be appropriate,Nothing can break the pipeline,Make sure the membrane tube is symmetrical and stable,Relatively guaranteed production of quality。

⒎ Copper knife when cleaning up the extruder and the mold port、Baseball or compressed air cleaning,But do not damage the screw and screw smooth surface。

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