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The main structure of the film blower

Mainly from the extruder、head of the machine、Model、cooling device、Steady Bubble Relief、Human Board、Tractionir roller、Volume device, etc.

Squeezing machine

Squeezing machine is mainly screw、Machine,Solding and driving motor composition,Drive motor uses an electromagnetic speed regulating motor (can also be used for frequency frequency ordinary motors),Drives the reducer through the belt to drive the screw to rotate in the barrel; the melting plastic of the fighting plastic particles is squeezed from the mold port to the module port of the model with the module port.


This unit uses an advanced spiral mold head structure,According to high pressure、Low pressure、mixture、The special characteristics of the regenerative polyethylene material,Comprehensive consideration,Designed a spiral angle、Retreatment corner、Format angle length、Model opening and other main technical parameters,After many comparison tests, select the preferred fixed type,

cooling device

Composed of cooling wind rings, ducts, wind turmoils, etc.


from the leading frame、Human Board、Tractionir roller、Volume mechanisms and traction motors and other main components composition

Electrical Control

General crews are equipped with unit operating cabinets,From the main button to the general power supply,Open the motor switch,It can control the fuselage and three -way through the button switching and switch,Electric thermal heating of each button of the mouth mold,Among the key parts of the two groups of coils use thermocouple automatic temperature measurement and automatic temperature control,In the normal production process,The temperature can be automatically controlled,To ensure stable production process、Reliable。Many types of film blowers are divided into many types,PE,POF, etc.。

Blowing out the new material with a new particle,color is called,Clean,Pull up the bag。

Some people use recycled plastic bags to make particles,This particle is generally called old material,It is usually gray when making particles,Pigment is usually added when making a bag,Made into a bag to color color,Crispy and easy to break,The price is also lower。

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